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Reeds iPad Almanac - available now!

the new iPad almanac
The Reeds iPad Almanac is more than just an enhanced ebook version of the long established and highly respected yachtsman's bible. It is more than just an interactive reference resource too. Collecting together all of the navigational and port information from the print edition of the Reeds Nautical Almanac along with tide data from the UKHO and live weather feeds from the Met Office, the Reeds iPad Almanac combines comprehensive coverage with functionality, usability and portability.

The basic app is free (with sample ports and weather data) then buy the entire Reeds iPad Almanac (covering the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands as well as the coast of Western Europe from Denmark to Gibraltar, plus Northern Morocco and the Azores) for £44.99, or customise the app to your needs, selecting from a range of seven separate regional packs for £29.99 each.


  • 700 harbour plans and over 7,500 waypoints
  • Live weather data and synoptic charts for 72 hours ahead
  • Full tidal data for 12 months ahead
  • Interactive tidal stream chartlets
  • Personalise your data (set your home port and favourite ports)
  • Unique route planner including safe sailing distances
  • Quick to search, zoom and expand
  • Data available even when offline
With a user interface that has been designed to take full advantage of the iPad's touchscreen capabilities - expandable pages, zooming, pinching, scrolling - the Reeds iPad Almanac takes the Reeds Almanacs into a new digital dimension.

The Reeds iPad Almanac - available only from the Apple App Store


The Reeds Digital Almanac is changing!

As well as introducing the Reeds iPad Almanac, we have also changed the Desktop Almanac for PC and Mac. You are now able to select one of seven regions rather than having to buy the entire Almanac (though that option will also be available). To read more about the different regional packs click here, and to find out the different buying options that will be available (including a special 66% discount offer for buyers of the print Almanac) click here.

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