Reeds Nautical Almanac Direct Debit subscription

General FAQs

What format is the Reeds Nautical Almanac available in?

New customers can access the Almanac in print and now as a PDF ebook too. The Reeds Desktop Almanac for PC/Mac and Reeds iPad Almanac is only available to existing subscribers (both are being discontinued at the beginning of September 2018).

What are my user name and password?

The default user name is the email address you registered with. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it here.

How do I update my Almanac?

You can update the Desktop Almanac from within the software.

You may be prompted to install the latest software update when you open the Almanac, but to check whether there is a software update available, click the blue button that says 'Check for application updates' on the home page.

Port data is updated more regularly. If there is an update available it will say so in red text within the Updates box on your home page. Go to 'My Subscriptions' and click the red 'Update' button next to any region pack you are subscribed to.

Can I still use a 16-digit code?

New subscriptions will no longer be accepted from the beginning of September 2017. All codes from the 2017 Almanac must be used before then. Codes from previously years were only valid for the life of the Almanac with which they were supplied.

How do I renew to the 2017 version?

If you are an existing subscriber you can go to the My Subscriptions page in your Almanac app and update any of the regional packs for which you have a subscription.

As of the beginning of September 2017, we will no longer be accepting new subscriptions, and only those who have already subscribed will be able to continue to update their Almanac.

How long does my subscription last?

Your subscription lasts for 12 months from the date you bought it. You can see the expiry date on the My Subscriptions page.

I bought the hard copy Almanac, but I didn't get a unique code for the Digital Almanac.

As the Digital Almanac will be discontinued at the beginning of September 2018, we are no longer accepting new subscriptions, so discount codes have not been included with the 2018 Almanac.

Codes from the 2017 Almanac will cease to be usable once we stop accepting new subscriptions at the beginning of September 2017.

Can I get a discount code with the Looseleaf Almanac or Looseleaf Update Pack?

Discount codes were supplied with the 2017 editions of the Looseleaf Almanac and Looseleaf Update Pack. These will no longer be accepted when we stop accepting new subscriptions in September 2017.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet all the time to use the Digital Almanac?

No, the digital service is downloaded onto your computer and can then be used without being connected to the Internet. However, that computer will need to be connected to the Internet regularly to receive Almanac updates. Weather forecasts are also updated at least daily.

Can I download the digital service onto more than one computer?

The digital service can be downloaded onto a maximum of two computers, for example a desktop computer and a laptop.

Will the digital service work on a Mac as well as a PC?

Yes, the digital service uses Adobe’s Air software (downloaded free as part of the digital almanac), which works on both PCs and Macs. If using a Mac you will need OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or better. The Almanac does not work on PowerPC Macs.

Does the Almanac work on a Linux system?

Unfortunately no. The Almanac is based in Adobe AIR, which Adobe has stopped developing for Linux.

Does the digital service work on iPhones and other smartphones or similar devices?

No, the Desktop Almanac works on Windows PCs and Apple Macs, and the iPad Almanac only works on the iPad. They are not compatible with any other devices.

How do I register for updates? Can I still get them even if I don't register for the digital service?

Updates for the print edition of the Reeds Nautical Almanac will continue to be uploaded onto the website monthly between January and June each year and will continue to be free.

Click here to be taken to a registration form to sign up for updates.

How do I print from the Digital Almanac?

You can select which elements you want to print from within the route planner.

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